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Our Story

The creation of Ocean Gourmet was driven by an exceptional passion for making delicious fish meals. We are specialized in creating innovative fish products.




Tasteful products



Fish Cubes


Fish cubes are the perfect solution for salads, pastas or ready meals. Smoked, cooked, lightly salted or all natural, our cubes are always tasty and easy to use. We can shape tuna, salmon or other fish species in any size and shape.






We are in the midst of a burger revival, hamburger restaurants are popping up everywhere. Especially popular are the burgers with a healthy content. Our burgers are made of delicious, healthy and sustainable seafood, seasoned with tasty herbs.




Fish Strips


Our fish strips are ideal to use as pizza toppings or as an ingredient for delicious soups. These strips are the finishing touch to your meal.



Filled Filet



The very best fish fillets with a delicious filling. Like our Salmon Bleu -salmon with a filling of ham and creamy cheese-; or our stuffed plaice fillets, which are filled with a tasteful sauce. The possibilities are endless.




Industrial Products


We can provide the raw materials that can serve as base ingredients for a variety of seafood products. Bulk or vacuum packed, IQF or block frozen; we offer a variety of raw materials like mince, scrape meat, bits & pieces and off cuts from different seafood species.



Tailor Made



Unique products set you apart from the crowd. Ocean Gourmet helps professionals to achieve this by creating the right product in the perfect shape. Chunks, flakes, cubes or portions with a ravashing sauce topping; our chefs are able to create products that will meet your culinary and economic expectations.



About Ocean Gourmet

The mission of Ocean Gourmet is: “delicious fish dishes  for everyone”. Our fish products are always appetizing, nutritious and easy to cook. Our Chef is creating and tasting new fish dishes every day.

Our raw products originate from sustainable fishery or aquaculture as much as possible. Also, the waste is reduced through efficient production and therefore we contribute to a  better environment.

It is our dream to enable everyone to eat and enjoy lovely fish dishes.




Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see where you can get our delicious products.